What New York City’s Been Googling During the Heat Wave

Can we come over?

At some point yesterday we saw a tweet that described the air quality in New York right now as not unlike walking through the inside of a dog’s mouth. Sounds about right. It’s the kind of oppressive weather that affects everything from subway platform demeanor (much more death-like) to  clothing choice (midriff baring at an all-time high!) to the will to move two feet in any direction from your busted window unit A/C, which, let’s be honest, you didn’t even bother to properly insulate this year. Sorry, environment! Apparently, it’s also affecting New Yorker’s internet habits.

Betabeat’s sources at Googleplex East noticed some changes in what locals were searching for online and sent us over a report comparing July, 2011 to July, 2010.  Here’s what they found.

‘Ice Cream’ – +24% [LINK]

‘frozen yogurt’ – +50%, all-time high [LINK]

‘swimming pool new york’ – +23% [LINK]

Since June 26, searches for ‘air conditioning’ are up 100% in New York [LINK]

Searches for ‘AC Unit’ are 2nd highest they’ve been since 2007 in New York in July [LINK]

Advertisers, adjust your keyword purchases accordingly. That is if you can remove your face from the fan.

What New York City’s Been Googling During the Heat Wave