Writers House, Hornswoggled

Self-publishing sadomasochists have a new plot to pitch.

Writers House literary agency.

As if the life of a self-published author isn’t difficult enough, writers are now being hosed with their greatest desire: a book deal.

A strange notice came in last week from Publisher’s Lunch, the daily trade email, as editors and assistants finalized their early weekend plans before heading out on a scorching Summer Friday.

Writers House has learned that a series of fake emails claiming to be from WH agent Jodi Reamer have been circulating to self-published authors this week. ‘These emails, which contain a number of false statements, have not in fact come from Jodi Reamer and should thus be disregarded.’’”

Writers House has no further comment, at least until Ms. Reamer gets back from vacation.

Self-published author Aaronni Miller received an email from Writers House agent “Jodi Reamer,” the super-agent behind Twilight, informing her that she wanted to represent Ms. Miller’s self-published Y.A. fantasy novel. In fact, a deal was in the works!

In the emails, “Ms. Reamer” said that she had secured what Pub Lunch would call a “good deal.”

Ben Schrank at Razorbill can offer us a $120,000 advance, and Erica Sussman at HarperTeen can offer us $200,000.”

After Ms. Miller excitedly blogged about the deal, Y.A. fantasy writer forums weighed in—first with jealousy, then skepticism.

The skepticism was justified. When Ms. Miller called Writers House, she was informed that the emails were fake.

The writer message boards went crazy with comments. Was this a scam? Was Ms. Miller doing it in an ill-advised bid for publicity? Why would anyone perpetrate a hoax that didn’t even ask for money?

Based on I.P. address of the emails, Ms. Miller suspects a young fantasy blogger she had corresponded with briefly under a different name on Twitter.

While Ms. Miller is speaking with lawyer, she doesn’t think she’s going to be moving ahead with pressing charges, and “[stooping] to the imposter’s level.”

Sounds like the makings of a decent book. Maybe, even, one that will sell. Writers House, Hornswoggled