Youtube’s Cosmic Panda Update Follows’s Lead

Press Play on the Panda

Youtube just rolled out a new look for the site they are calling Cosmic Panda. Between that and bidding Pi in the recent Nortel auction, Google is really letting their geek flag fly.

The most interesting change in Cosmic Panda is that it puts a lot more emphasis on showing users related content from a single channel and bringing together episodes from ongoing series. 

“The new interface… makes it very seamless to go from episode to episode, and understand on your channel page that there are many different actual shows to watch,” comedy duo The Fine Brothers told GigaOm. “That, combined with the new feature of having the default on every video page be more videos from the specific channel that video is from, vs. random related videos that only some of the time are actually related, is a huge win for content creators to get more views and more subscribers. This is HUGE to hopefully curb some of the metadata spam that plagues the site, with people copying your tag, titles, description in order to show up in your related videos…This feels like a real push to getting us closer to seeing differences between the random one offs or virals, and the more professionals who create actual series.”

Youtube desperately needed to respond to the demands of professional content creators. A gaggle of the platforms biggest stars — iJustine, Fred, The Annoying Orange and Freddie Wong — all made the jump to New York based last month. From the beginning has been focused on original, serialized content for the web, and the service’s recent redesign put a heavy emphasis on the identity and continuity of these weekly shows.

Right now Cosmic Panda is still in experimental beta, but users who want to check it out can head over TestTube and try it out.

Youtube’s Cosmic Panda Update Follows’s Lead