Aldon James May Soon Vacate National Arts Club

Aldon James.

Aldon James, former president of the National Arts Club may soon depart his cut-rate apartment at the club’s tony Gramercy Park building, DNAinfo reports.

Mr. James was removed from office following accusations that he used institution as a personal checkbook, taking luxuries that included cheap apartment in the building for his own use, as well additional rooms for his twin brother John James and their friend Steven Leitner.

Though they’ve been gradually seen at the club less and less, the three may be out for good very soon, according to DNA info.

The club had filed charges in July to begin the process to evict the threesome, according to sources. The three are expected to have a hearing at the end of August in front of a committee chosen by the board, which will then make the final decision about a week later.

Head over to DNAinfo to see their very worthy slideshow of how the trio used their rooms.

Aldon James May Soon Vacate National Arts Club