Alec Baldwin Pays Tribute to YSL In the Eight-Day Week

Wednesday, August 17 Shellfish Desires The Hamptons breed heterogeneity—where else could we see business leaders and Alec Baldwin willingly standing

Arden Wohl (Getty Images)
Arden Wohl (Getty Images)

Wednesday, August 17

Shellfish Desires

The Hamptons breed heterogeneity—where else could we see business leaders and Alec Baldwin willingly standing in the same room as three of those accursed Real Housewives? It’s a paradoxical sort of mixing, though: every crowd is diverse, but the diverse crowd is always composed of the exact same people. Our neck is developing a repetitive-stress injury from air-kissing Kimora Lee Simmons! Not so at BOMB Magazine’s summer crayfish-and-cocktails celebration, at which the combination of Louisiana shellfish and Hamptons-strength drink isn’t the only incongruity. Jenny Ljundberg, owner of c/o The Maidstone (yep, that’s the new name of the old Maidstone Arms Inn, lowercase letters and all!) welcomes artist Mary Heilmann (ask about her appearance on the wacky-moderns PBS series Art21!) and BOMB editor Betsy Sussler. Artist Michael Williams will be on hand auctioning his painting “Surf n’ Turf 2”—a sequel to an oil painting that depicted a crayfish “surfing” the Internet with an oyster looking on in dismay. (Where’s Mr. Williams’s Art21 episode?!) We’re ready to talk art after a summer spent ducking Real Housewives and chasing Mr. Baldwin—and just as ready to see a spiny, clawing creature that hasn’t been featured on a Bravo franchise.

c/o The Maidstone, 207 Main Street (East Hampton), cocktails 4-6pm, dinner to follow, call (631) 324-5006 x1 or email for tickets and information.

Thursday, August 18

The Fest of Times

It’s not time for the New York Film Festival yet—the venerable fest kicks off Sept. 30 with Roman Polanski’s latest. But we just can’t wait! In the interim, during the months in which great cinema (like Mr. Polanski) remains in exile, there’s a stopgap festival for those who crave a glitzyish red carpet and the free-floating angst of festival audiences—the New York City International Film Festival! Tonight’s festival-opening screening of The Last Gamble is sure to bring the film’s star, Sally Kirkland, whom you may recall from her annual look-at-me appearances at the Oscars. She tends to arrive first, to outshine everyone else, but Ms. Kirkland, take your time applying your makeup tonight! The International Film Festival promises opening-night appearances by bombshells old (Claudia Cardinale) and new (Megan Fox).

The Hudson Theatre, 145 West 44th Street, cocktail reception 6-8 p.m., film screening 8-9:45 p.m.; visit for tickets and information.

Friday, August 19

Fou Me Once

A little French documentary about the life of Yves St. Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, has gotten a big push: we saw L’Amour Fou months ago at a screening hosted by Vera Wang, but we’d be willing to see it again with Alec Baldwin (we know, we complain about his omnipresence—but once summer ends, we see him only on NBC, so we try to soak it up). The dapper Mr. Baldwin, a member of the Hamptons International Film Festival (so many festivals grappling for position! We were satisfied back when we had to keep up just with Cannes), is to sit on a HIFF-sponsored panel after the screening with Barney’s elf Simon Doonan and the New York Times’s until-recently-Critical Shopper Cintra Wilson (we think she dragged herself too many times to J.C. Penney and not often enough to Y.S.L.!). All three know a bit about fashion, and Mr. Baldwin knows a bit about tempestuous interpersonal relationships. Y.S.L. and Mr. Bergé lived lives full of passion and high emotional dudgeon—you’ll cry harder than when you saw The Help by yourself!

Guild Hall, 158 Main Street (East Hampton), 8 p.m. with Q.&A. to follow; visit for tickets and information.

Saturday, August 20

Sexy Beasts

The stars have aligned, and the socials have remembered their commitment to zoology: as was foretold by Nostradamus at the first sign of socialite apocalypse, three different events to aid the critters are happening out East. Arden Wohl co-hosts the Save the Great American Wildlife Benefit in Southampton (thankfully, it’ll be too hot for her to don the shearling coat she wore to a “Cool vs. Cruel” antifur party); Amanda Hearst fetes the publication of Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle’s memoir in East Hampton; and Beth Ostrosky Stern raises funds for the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in Southampton. We can’t decide! We do love the guest list at Ms. Wohl’s shindig (Fabiola Beracasa, the Schnabels, Sean Avery—we didn’t know you loved cuddly animals this much!), but if we know our Hamptonites, the purebred-owning chattering class will be more moved by the Humane Society’s plight of dogs than, you know, wildlife. See you in East Hampton, Amanda! Save us some crudité! (We must assume that none of these animal-rights bashes would serve meat … right? Right?)

Great American Wildlife Benefit, private residence, Southampton, 7 p.m.; visit for tickets and information. Party in honor of Wayne Pacelle’s The Bond, Georgica, 108 Wainscott Road (East Hampton) 5 p.m.; invitation only. Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons Summer Gala, 6 p.m., private residence, Southampton; call (212) 967-6900 for tickets and information.

Alec Baldwin Pays Tribute to YSL In the Eight-Day Week