American Express Launches ‘I Will Volunteer,’ a 9/11 Facebook App

Non-profit organizations like HandsOn Network and MyGoodDeed are leading a “Day of Service and Remembrace” for the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11. In support, American Express launched a Facebook application today called “I Will Volunteer” to reach out to its more than 2 million Facebook fans. (A credit card company has a couple million fans? Somebody’s working their social media strat right.)

HandsOn Network is powering the app, which lets users access a searchable 9/11 Day database to sign up for nearby volunteering activities and share it with friends to encourage more people to volunteer. According to The Next Web, current opportunities include revitalizing schools on the Lower East Side as well as programs around the country, such as turning an abandoned airport hanger in L.A. into a community center.

Before you get that pit in your stomach (at least if you’re as cynical as Betabeat) thinking about corporate co-opting of what will be a particularly emotional anniversary for the city, this issue has long been close to American Express, which lost eleven employees on 9/11 in its offices across the Trade Center site. In addition to its $10 million contribution to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the company has supported many other initiatives to rebuild Lower Manhattan. American Express Launches ‘I Will Volunteer,’ a 9/11 Facebook App