Andrew Cuomo Didn't Feel Anything

Governor Andrew Cuomo was at an undisclosed location on Long Island this afternoon when the state was rattled by an earthquake in Virginia.

“I’m on Long Island but I didn’t feel anything,” Cuomo told reporters on a conference call a few hours later. “People who were with me said they felt it, but I didn’t feel anything.”

Cuomo was joined on the call by his Director of State Operations, Howard Glaser, who said, in essence, that everything is fine.

Glaser said the subways were running, but there would be more inspections on underground tunnels tonight. He said there was no visual damage to bridges. There were minor disruptions at the J.F.K. and Newark airports, but they re-opened quickly, and LaGuardia had no interruptions. He said one state building in Albany had a damaged wall, but that it wasn’t serious and would be open for business tomorrow.

And, perhaps most importantly, there were no reports of any damage to the Indian Point nuclear facility.

Asked if there had been any discussion of taking the facility offline, Cuomo said: “There was never any report of any issue whatsoever, so it never came up, because they reported no problems, no damage.”

Cuomo said the quake won’t do anything to affect his views on Indian Point, which he has long lobbied to have closed.

“My opinion on Indian Point has been long-held and has nothing to do with today’s events,” he said.

Andrew Cuomo Didn't Feel Anything