Android’s From Sad Mars, Apple’s From Happy Venus

The taste ninjas at Hunch sent over this snazzy infographic laying out some of the differences they found between folks who own smarphones with Google’s Android operating system and those who prefer Apple’s flagship phones and tablets running iOS. As the proud owner of the original Motorola Droid (Googarola FTW), we have to say this list is a little embarrassing.

Bear in mind, these are large, statistical generalizations for which Hunch is providing detailed probabilities. But since fan boys tend to see things in black and white, let’s just run down some of the key differences.

Android seems to be mainly for less well-educated males who are making less money than their Apple counterparts. We’re statistically more introverted, pessimistic and likely to be followers, not leaders. We’ve likely not traveled outside our home country and probably shop at Costco or Sam’s Club. iOS users by comparison, tend to use their frequent flyer to go on foreign vacations.

Android user are late adopters who prefer an ugly device if its got more features. We didn’t use the web until after Y2K, don’t back up our computers and may still be using Yahoo Mail. We’ll stay on the phone with telemarketers, which you could interpret to mean we’re really that desperate, or just that iPhone users don’t have good enough cell service to bother.

In a way, this data seems to represent the class divide between the upper middle class owners of iPhones and the working class mass market for cheap Android phones. But hey, iOS users are 50 percent more likely to be texting while driving, so at least we’ll live longer than those entitled bastards.

Android’s From Sad Mars, Apple’s From Happy Venus