Anna Wintour: Apolitical Editor, DNC Fundraising All-Star

Family Huntsman, from September's Vogue

Vogue editor Anna Wintour is one of President Obama’s 27 mega-bundlers–individuals who collected $500,000 or more in donations apiece for a joint account for Obama’s 2012 campaign and the Democratic National Committee, reports Politico.

Other mega-bundlers include former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and Hollywood producer Jeffery Katzenberg.

With phone calls and Calvin Klein-co-hosted dinner parties, she’s raised three times as much as she did in 2008. Since then she’s been appointed to the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities.

President Obama has taken flak for his “elitist” dinners at Ms. Wintour’s home but, according to a different Politico article, the fact that the Obamas are glamorous and photogenic enough for Vogue‘s pages seems beside the point for Ms. Wintour.

Her brother is the politics editor of The Guardian and she supports a number of lower profile politicians, including Representative Tim Bishop, who represents the district of her vacation house in Mastic (She’s especially involved in his campaign to cleanup the Forge River there.) and former Houston mayor Bill White, who ran for governor of Texas and is a friend of her long term boyfriend Shelby Bryan.

And as for the magazine, Ms. Wintour manages to keep her political identity out of it. She did not attend the photo shoot or interview for Michelle Obama’s Vogue cover story. And that shiny Huntsman clan is making balanced coverage easy. Anna Wintour: Apolitical Editor, DNC Fundraising All-Star