At MoMA and The Modern, a Chef and a Film Festival Director Unite

A still from "Kings of Pastry," screening at the Museum of Modern Art on Aug. 29 and 30.

This past art season saw a bevy of artists pursuing food-related projects. Rirkrit Tiravanija opened a soup kitchen at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise,  Jennifer Rubell mounted another one of her increasingly theatrical food-art spectacles in Miami and just this month two friends from the West Coast opened a roving art gallery in a truck, complete with free, liquor-drenched cake.

The case of the professional chef edging into the art world has been a far less common sight, but that is what Gabriel Kreuther, the chef at The Modern–the restaurant located next to the Museum of Modern Art’s sculpture garden–is doing, ever so slightly, in a new series of food-film pairings, titled “Carte Blanche,” which he is staging with Berlin International Film Festival director Dieter Kosslick.

From Aug. 22 through Aug. 30, MoMA will screen a series of films involving food, selected by Mr. Kosslick, and almost every night The Modern will serve up a special dish to accompany the film, conceived by the festival director and Mr. Kreuther to accompany the film. In an e-mail to The Observer, Mr. Kreuther said that the collaboration had been an enjoyable experience, “especially when the movie is about good food.”

The 1996 film Big Night, about two brothers running a pizza shop on the Jersey Shore, will kick off the festivities on Monday at MoMA, accompanied by a plate of sepia risotto with gold leaf at The Modern. Later in the week, the wine-filled film Sideways (2004) will be joined by a pairing of three examples of pinot noir with charcuterie, and the Pixar classic Ratatouille (2007) will be go along with an unusual version of the eponymous French classic, rendered by the duo as a panna cotta instead of as a soup.

Fittingly, dessert is scheduled for the final days of the series, Aug. 29 and 30, in the form of the 2010 documentary Kings of Pastry. Mr. Kreuther said he and Mr. Kosslick decided to pair that final film, which follows a competition among many of the world’s leading pastry chefs, with “some of the most iconic French desserts”: a milk chocolate and hazelnut dacquoise, a mojito-style baba with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry macaron with almond mousseline. But note well: that trio is available only on Aug. 29.

At MoMA and The Modern, a Chef and a Film Festival Director Unite