Bikes Are Good for Cars, Too!

Be thankful, Chevy Avalanche. (PMfA)

A pack of new bike racks was just installed on uber-chic Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. And that can only mean one thing: Terror on the streets! More bike maniacs running amock. Cars fleeing in fear. Death and destruction on the streets of Brooklandia.

Actually, these bike racks could make life easier for drivers, too. The corner of Smith and Sackett streets is a notorious blind spot, according to a Brownstoner correspondent:

Problem is, drivers coming from Sackett Street can’t see around parked cars on the Southeast corner of the intersection, making it a blind corner. Cars tend to roll through the stop sign on Sackett Street, and at least 1 or 2 a year get t-boned by vehicles coming down Smith Street. This year they finally put up a ‘no standing’ sign for the two spots before the corner, but cars and trucks STILL park there!

Blame the bikes? (PMfA)

Now, we have bike racks putting an end to that. (Aside: See, cars don’t follow the rules, either.) Local blogger Pardon Me for Asking has some pictures of the Smith Street street carnage, including this flipped SUV.

With the Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit (maybe) behind us, perhaps New York drivers and bikers can start living in harmony. It’s the pedestrians we really need to worry about.

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