Bloomberg Subheads Re-Imagined as Haiku

A little poetry will calm him down. Via Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is a big fan of the subhead, the short title that appears within a piece to introduce a new section. Just have a look here. The piece is about 1000 words. It has five subheads.

Poetic Journalism

The New York Times used to do these a lot more, as did The New York Observer, back in the day, but now it’s kind of a lost art. (Even we stopped doing). We think there’s a real poetry to writing these short headlines, which function kind of like an epigraph.

Popular Headlines Re-written

To prove it, here are a few of Bloomberg’s subheads, taken from some of the popular articles on the site, re-written as haiku.

1. Bullish Strategists
Buying Opportunity
Approaching Netflix

2. European Stocks
Lack of Enthusiasm
Affiliate Fees

3. Strategic Options
Consumer Pessimism
Not Impossible

See what we mean?

A surprising number actually fit the 5-7-5 structure of a haiku. Kind of adds some serenity to the recent tumble in U.S. stocks, no? Bloomberg Subheads Re-Imagined as Haiku