Brooklyn Shakes, Midtown Evacuates During Virginia Quake

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s midtown office was evacuated, an aide said, after this afternoon’s earthquake, whose epicenter is reportedly near Richmond, Virginia. So far, no injuries were reported.

Reports about the quake came in immediately, from a number of sources.

“Of course, Isaac called to gossip about the earthquake,” a colleague said just now.

Of course, Isaac is Isaac Weinberer, the NYC Dept. of Transportation Commissioner and consummate political chatter box.

“Did anyone else feel their office shake just now? Or just me?” Jesse Derris, a Senior V.P. at Sunshine Sachs, wrote on Facebook. “BUILDING WAS SHAKING” wrote Katharine Herrup, a Brooklyn resident (who once wrote for the New York Sun).

Capital New York reporter Dana Rubinstein Tweeted, calmly, “totally just felt my building shake.”

A breaking news alert on the New York Times homepage says the epicenter is near Richmond, Virginia. Brooklyn Shakes, Midtown Evacuates During Virginia Quake