Charles Saatchi Smacks Publisher Phaidon, Claims ‘Restraint of Trade’

The prolific art collector and gallerist Charles Saatchi has taken Phaidon Press to court in the U.K., claiming that his contract with the company amounts to a “restraint of trade” because it bans him from working with other publishers on different projects. The case now rests with the High Court in London, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Phaidon published Mr. Saatchi’s 2009 My Name is Charles Saatchi and I Am An Artoholic. He had plans to publish two more books, The More You Like Art The More Art You Like and Questions by Charles Saatchi, with the house but says Phaidon’s control over his material, in terms of editing and licensing the book, is too strict.

If there’s anything at all amusing in this, it’s that The Telegraph has shoehorned Mr. Saatchi’s wife TV chef Nigella Lawson into the second paragraph. She has nothing at all to do with the case, but that’s U.K. journalism for you. If David Zwirner was married to Paula Deen, you’d expect that we’d keep her relegated to the fourth paragraph on something like this, no? Charles Saatchi Smacks Publisher Phaidon, Claims ‘Restraint of Trade’