1+2=Triplex: Chelsea Chainworks Gets Big Combo

The Chainworks Building at 144 West 18th Street. (Photo from StreetEasy)

Nina Kaminer, the founder of Nike Communications—she represents Burberry, Amex Platinum and Jimmy Choo, but not the shoemaker of the same name—and her husband, Allan Cohen, have unloaded their luxury Chelsea duplex. They sold their penthouse in the Chainworks Building at 144 West 18th Street, and although the buyers purchased under an LLC, the names on the deed are Michael and Jennifer Glassman. Mr. and Ms. Glassman won’t have to hire a van to move into the new space, as they live in the unit just below.

City records show that the Glassmans purchased their current single-floor condo in 2004, and, according to CORE broker Win Brown, the ultimate goal is to expand their humble home into a triplex. While they paid $1.71 million for their 1,669-square-foot home seven years ago, they coughed up $4.11 million for the duplex upstairs, significantly above the $3.75 million asking price.

The Glassmans, who work in finance, will add an additional 2,000 square feet of interior space and four terraces totaling 1,200 square feet of alfresco living, according to the listing, which was represented by Ivana Nikolic and Stuart Sussman along with Mr. Brown. In total, the Glassmans’ eventual triplex will encompass 3,655 square feet inside, and will include 2,000 square feet of terraces. “There would be a north and south facing terrace on each level,” Mr. Brown explained.

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