Christie: Port Authority announcement within 24 hours

ELIZABETH – The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has a board meeting tomorrow to consider its tolls hike plan, and Gov. Chris Christie today said he anticipates that he and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will have an announcement on the issue within the next 24 hours. 

“I expect we’ll have something to say soon because they’re acting tomorrow,” Christie said. “It’s only fair for us to let them know how we approach this issue.”

Christie wouldn’t predict how the board will vote on a plan that would raise toll pays by 50 percent.

“I’m like the guy who’s throwing the ball into the roulette wheel, I’m not going to bet,” said Christie “We’re going to come up with an answer. Gov. Cuomo (and I) aren’t wallflowers. Once we come up with a conclusion, we are going to communicate it to you.” Christie: Port Authority announcement within 24 hours