Christie: ‘Stay inside’

With regret, Gov. Chris Christie this afternoon reported life lost because of the storm, but credited the evacuations of Cape May and Atlantic counties.

“It was a pre-emptive measure that I am confident saved lives,” said Christie, appearing at noon at state police headquarters in Ewing.

The governor said a Salem County woman died in her car. His office later told reporters a Princeton firefighter did not die in a swiftwater rescue effort, as Christie originally reported. 

“Please stay inside,” urged the governor, who said 45-mph winds persist throughout the state.

Three-hundred roads are closed at this time. 650,000 people are without power right now.

“The real issue we’re going to have to deal with now is flooding,” Christie added. “We are prepared for what this means.”

The governor formally reported the downgrading of the hurricane to a tropical storm at this time. Christie: ‘Stay inside’