Christie turns toll hike flap into Cuomo time

MANASQUAN – Gov. Chris Christie turned the toll hike flap into an opportunity to highlight his close working relationship with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“Just got off the phone with him,” he told reporters here, trying to blunt the perception creeping into this latest polling numbers that show slippage among independent supporters.

To his critics, Christie is a Fox News icon better suited for the hay bales west of the Mississippi than the urban spill zone of New Jersey.

But the governor, continuing on a green and ocean front tour of New Jersey that Sierra Club Executive Director Jeff Tittel denounced as phony setpiece, segued nimbly into the toll issue by talking about Democrat Cuomo.

Confronted with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s contention that the agency won’t back down from what executives see as a necessary $4 toll hike, Gov. Chris Christie said he trusts he and Cuomo will find a solution.

“We’re trying together to get to the bottom of this,” Christie said. “If I say ‘you’re kidding’ (in response to the toll hike), it probably doesn’t mean I think it’s a good thing. New York and New Jersey governors are working every day. Four dollars more seems like much too much.”

Reporters pressed him for the details of his afternoon conversation with Cuomo.

“No,” said Christie. “I don’t talk about what I say to him and he doesn’t talk about what he says to me.”

Christie turns toll hike flap into Cuomo time