Comedian-Turned-Columnist Mike Myers Is Not Joking About Loving Rachel Maddow

New York Times parody site The Final Edition has named Mike Myers a columnist.

The Final Edition was founded by Spinal Tap star, former Spy and National Lampoon editor and Vanity Fair contributor Tony Hendra. As his pedigree might suggest, it’s like a more insidery, lower budget Onion.

Except for Mr. Myers’s column, which appears to be its one earnest feature. The former Weekend Update anchor was offered the gig in a chance famous-person-on-famous-person encounter in the Soho Grand, he explained:

ME: Aren’t you Tony Hendra!?

TONY HENDRA: Why yes I am.

ME: I’m such a huge fan!

TONY HENDRA: As I am of yours. (Not sure if he said this.)

ME: It’s funny. I was just talking to my friend here about the lack of “edge” and political content in today’s Comedy.

TONY HENDRA: Funny you should say that. I’m starting an online project called The Final Edition that you might be interested in.

ME: When I say there’s a lack of edge and political content in today’s comedy… I would like to point out that I’ve never been edgy or political in my comedy.

TONY HENDRA: Well, if you were to be political, what would you write about?

ME: My undying admiration for Rachel Maddow.

Undeterred by the fact that admiration for a news anchor is not very political at all, Mr. Myers updates readers on his affection for her fortnightly, even when she’s on vacation.

Beyond the fact that I think she is beautiful and smart and charming, I deify her for the same reasons I deify Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada for fifteen years of my life). Trudeau asserted that the only reason to allow oneself to be governed by another person is if that person is just and competent. The basis of authority is that the governed feel the government is good at their job and that they are fair. I believe Trudeau met those criteria. Rachel Maddow exceeds them.

Creepy or just Canadian?

Or the frightening third option: some next-leve satire rubes like us don’t get. Comedian-Turned-Columnist Mike Myers Is Not Joking About Loving Rachel Maddow