Councilman Who? Covering Up a Name From the Not-So Distant Past

Garbage cans along Queens Blvd have stickers covering up the name of the former Councilman who purchased them. (photo credit: azi paybarah)

Remember those expensive taxpayer funded garbage cans that some City Council members purchased for their district, that prominently featured their names on it?

Well, some of those Councilman have left, but the garbage cans — with their names on it — still remain.

Now, one freshman Councilman found a way to get rid of his predecessors name without getting rid of the garbage can themselves.

Along Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, Queens, Jimmy van Bramer of Sunnyside put stickers over his predecessor’s name — Eric Gioia. I noticed this during a recent visit to the area, and asked the Council about it.

Through a spokesman, he sent this explanation.

“When I was campaigning door to door for City Council, several future constituents, spoke with disapproval of the practice of putting elected officials names on garbage cans, and I agreed. The cans are funded by taxpayers, not politicians, and I pledged to discontinue the practice. My staff and I have worked to get numerous new cans in the district, none of which have my name on them. I have also seen the same stickers on cans in other districts as well, including a few in Queens, on Queens Boulevard to the East.”

  Councilman Who? Covering Up a Name From the Not-So Distant Past