Cuomo and the Media

Invitation from the New School

Andrew Cuomo’s relationship with the media has been among the most talked about features of his brief tenure in the governor’s mansion.

His tightly-controlled style was evident early on, when he first arrived in the Attorney General’s office.

The press, according to some, simply don’t know how to cover him. There is, obviously, one exception to that rule.

The panel discussion at the New School, about Cuomo and the media, will include The New York Times’ Nick Confessore and public radio’s Karen DeWitt and long-time Village Voice investigate columnist Wayne Barrett [clarified].

The main thread — if there is just one in this story — is that, for now at least, Cuomo’s relative lack of transparency is overshadowed by his end results.

If you have a fun Cuomo and the media anecdote, let me know. Or stick it in the comment section.

Cuomo and the Media