Daily Dealers Race to Own Real-Time

With the launch of instantly-available deal alerts from Dealburner and Foursquare’s integration with Groupon Now, it seems real-time deals are the new front in the oversaturated and therefore increasingly creative daily deal space. New York dealster Scoop St. just announced its mobile app, which serves up instantly-available deals in a user’s vicinity. Lamely, it is only on iPhone for now.

Additionally, Scoop St. has come up with something new (new to us, at least–commenters?).

Meet Scoop St. Lottery, a fun way to earn more Scoop St. Bucks by snapping a picture of your receipt after you use your scoop. With Lottery, members now have the chance of winning Scoop St. credit every day – in a randomly drawn lottery announcement – just by sharing a picture of your receipt! Winners will get notified right inside the app. Not only that, but Scoop St. merchants will have the most transparent and vital information on Scoop St. customers in New York City.

We’re seeing flash deals, crowd-sourced deals, a giant pool of money to turn customers into a salesforce, white label services so that brands can offer their own deals, and now a lottery as daily dealers try to differentiate themselves from the mob of Groupon clones. Daily dealers also have their own trade media as well as secondary market and aggregators. Eventually the entire economy is going to move into the dealosphere. Daily Dealers Race to Own Real-Time