Dan Abrams and Dave Zinczenko Divided Over Gender Issues

"What can you tell me about Y chromosome shrinkage?"

Next month, the live debate series Intelligence Squared will put forth a motion so controversial it has already divided two halves of a media bromance.

“In a modern, information-age economy that appears better suited for women, many wonder if men are now permanently trailing. Education and employment statistics point to a clear and increasing dominance in women’s status at home and in the workplace. “MEN ARE FINISHED” is the theory that’ll be put to the test: Are men still dominant in society or has the order shifted forever?” asked the Intelligence Squared release.

Intelligence Squared puts on Oxford-style debates between highly quotable journalists and academics. (One debate, between Michael Wolff and David Carr, among others, made a memorable scene in Times documentary Page One.)

The “Men are Finished” motion ties nicely into ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams’s new book, Man Down, therefore he will make up half the team for it, alongside Hanna Rosin, Slate writer and author of The Atlantic story “The End of Men.”

Men’s Health editor and Eat This, Not That! author Dave Zinczenko will stand up for the health of mankind, against the motion, with feminist scholar and The War Against Boys author Christina Sommers.

The debate is set to take place September 20, but why even go through with it? The qualifications of the participants are proof enough that the order has shifted. Dan Abrams and Dave Zinczenko Divided Over Gender Issues