Dasha Zhukova’s Garage: Crotch Tattoos, Damien Hirst, and Tavi

Cover the little one's eyes!

Dasha Zhukova.

It’s not typical of Fashion Week to have a magazine upstage the wonders on the runways, but that may be the case this year. Dasha Zhukova’s explosive new art glossy Garage comes on the heels of her stewardship of Pop magazine, and when it drops in a few weeks you will hear chatter of it outside Lincoln Center. There might even be a launch party.

In The New York Times‘ Styles today, Eric Wilson takes a spin through the magazines pages. In case there wasn’t enough hype, Mr. Wilson dubs Garage “one of the most intriguing magazines to come along in years.”

And why is that? Perhaps it’s the Alexander McQueen dress made of lettuce. Or the Prada dress that’s strung-together citrus fruits, or the featured Moncler garment. That look is simply anchovies.

Though the main stir comes from one particular cover image. It is a photo by Hedi Slimane, whose stunning shots of Frances Bean Cobain recently blew up all over fashion blogs, of a crotch bare save for a tattoo. It’s a butterfly designed by Damien Hirst, and to see it you have to peel off a sticker affixed to the cover, Velvet Underground & Nico-style (Warhol reference? Check).

And though there’s no mention of her in the Times article, Page Six’s item on Garage lists Tavi Gevinson, tween-aged fashionista extraordinaire, as one of the contributors. Your move, Jane Pratt.

There are two other covers that do not feature hardcore nudity, and one of them –starring model Lily Donaldson as a puppet in a dollhouse — is below. It will probably the best magazine named Garage in history, and there have been plenty of them.


The magazine.

Dasha Zhukova’s Garage: Crotch Tattoos, Damien Hirst, and Tavi