David Lynch Will Release Electronic Pop Album

Pitchfork has the details of David Lynch’s solo electronic pop album. It is called Crazy Clown Time.

Yes, reader. Crazy Clown Time.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Twin Peaks, you can register some musical skill on the part of Mr. Lynch, at least in terms of pacing and placement. That score, written by Angelo Badalamenti, was the most consistent thread through Mr. Lynch’s murder mystery masterpiece. The music in his films is always campy and mostly perfect, providing either a buffer or a supplement to the strangeness of much of his work. So. At least we trust his taste.

The album is out November 8 from Sunday Best Recordings.

Here’s the tracklist:

01 Pinky’s Dream
02 Good Day Today
03 So Glad
04 Noah’s Ark
05 Football Game
06 I Know
07 Strange and Unproductive Thinking
08 The Night Bell With Lightning
09 Stone’s Gone Up
10 Crazy Clown Time
11 These Are My Friends
12 Speed Roadster
13 Movin’ On
14 She Rise Up David Lynch Will Release Electronic Pop Album