Dems Jump On Quake With 'Earthshaking' News About Bob Turner

This, my friends, is some clever flackery.

When the world seems to be a-twitter with earthquake news, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just released a statement with “earthshaking” news about Bob Turner, the Republican running to replace Anthony Weiner in the 9th Congressional district.

The news they are referring to is that Turner signed a pledge not to eliminate tax breaks. This pledge includes, the DCCC says, tax breaks for oil companies, even though oil companies are taking in record profits. They also note that Turner’s own investments in oil and gas companies increased more than $80,000 over the past year.

“This earthshaking development puts Bob Turner’s misguided priorities on full display.  Despite all of his pandering, Republican Bob Turner’s real agenda is to force seniors to pay more for their health care so the big oil companies in which he has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars can continue to receive taxpayer handouts,” said Josh Schwerin, press secretary at the DCCC.  “Bob Turner’s plan provides a stark contrast for voters: should their Representative be more concerned about protecting Medicare and Social Security or his own financial investments?”

This is pretty roundabout hit on Turner–he signed pledge X, these companies were some of the millions that benefit from people making pledge X, thus Turner is on the take–but with everyone talking tectonic plates, it is a very clever way to insert oneself into the news cycle.




Dems Jump On Quake With 'Earthshaking' News About Bob Turner