Denied by NJEA, Stack retaliates, calls union ‘evil empire’

In a letter to the Jersey Journal, which he CC’d to, state Sen. Brian P. Stack (D-33) of Union City criticized the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), which earlier this month denied him its endorsement for his thumbs up contribution to public worker health and pension benefits reform.

“NJEA has shown their true colors and it’s evident that this group is not about the education of our children, just as their mission is not about standing up for public school teachers,” wrote Stack. “Instead, it’s the objective of this evil empire of do-nothings to create a hierarchy of union leaders who get paid to take politicians to lunch and dinner.” 

A close Democratic Party ally of Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s, Stack said that while he supports the education of children and remains, in his words, “fully supportive of teachers and support staff,” he also champions fairness to the local taxpayer. 

“NJEA does not want to understand that local taxpayers must be considered, instead of their agenda of ‘me, me, me,” said the shunned Stack. 

“In the 2007 Primary Election, NJEA simultaneously endorsed both my opponent and me,” he wrote, reflecting on his primary tilt with then-Assemblyman Sal Vega (D-33). “As usual, this organization played it safe, instead of objectively evaluating voting records. I challenge anyone to demonstrate an instance when I didn’t support school children. Everyone knows the NJEA’s lack of support is directly tied to my vote on the pension bill, which mandated the contribution by teachers into their pensions – a vote of which I remain proud and for which I continue to receive the support from a group of people who matter – my constituency. 

“I’m sorry to say that it’s painfully obvious that the NJEA doesn’t represent taxpayers or our children. Maybe instead of wining and dining legislators in exchange for votes, they should refocus their attention to education.” 







  Denied by NJEA, Stack retaliates, calls union ‘evil empire’