Developmental center task force bill passes Senate

A bill, S2928, establishing a task force to study closure plans of state developmenetal centers, passed the Senate 39-0.

The bill provides that the task force shall perform a comprehensive evaluation of the state’s seven developmental centers and prepare a plan that provides for closing of developmental centers in an orderly manner that complies with the decision of the United States Supreme Court in its  Olmstead ruling of 1999.

That calls for a person with a developmental disability to receive services and supports in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the person’s needs.

The bill is timely because Vineland Developmental Center is targeted for closure.

The bill requires the task force to develop a developmental center closure plan that is based on the comprehensive evaluation. The plan must provide a prioritization for the closing of those developmental centers that the task force determines should be closed and strategies for the development of community placements.

The bill provides that no later than six months after the task force organizes, the task force is to submit its closure plan, and make such recommendations as the task force deems appropriate, to the Governor and the Legislature. Developmental center task force bill passes Senate