DiNapoli Does GMA; No Sign of Cuomo

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli got some national attention on Good Morning America this morning, where he gave away oversized checks to ABC employees who had money waiting in the office’s unclaimed funds database.

The seven-minute segment included a cartoon of DiNapoli being orbited by some cash, along with a few checks to individual crew members who had claims, and one big check for $43,725, which is the total amount they found for ABC team.

One ABC employee who wasn’t included: anchor Chris Cuomo, who happens to be the brother of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo would seem to be due some funds — there is an entry for a Christopher C. Cuomo who works for the Walt Disney Company in the comptroller’s database for “OUTSTANDING CHECKS ISSUED TO VENDORS,” which a spokesman for the comptroller said usually refers to an unclaimed paycheck, though she could not provide the amount of the claim.

The comptroller’s office said it hadn’t excluded Cuomo, and that he wasn’t on a list of several hundred employees the station asked them to search.

The governor and the comptroller have a strained relationship, with the New York Post reporting recently that some on the second floor refer to DiNapoli with a pejorative that references chipmunk anatomy.

DiNapoli Does GMA; No Sign of Cuomo