First Glimpses Inside Pottermore

Pottermore more more.

The Observer is still awaiting our welcome e-mail from Pottermore, but today was the first day a lucky few users got to go explore J.K. Rowling’s interactive Potter experience. So far reviews are favorable. Entertainment Weekly reports:

“Those who were worried that this would be just the skeletal frame of a game used to sell audiobooks or ebooks or plush sorting hats or whatever: it’s not. Even though the site is currently limited to material relating to the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, there’s still more than enough to make your entire afternoon disappear like a temporus suckus spell.”

And The Guardian tells us what new entrants get to do when they arrive:

On entering the site, users begin to travel through the world of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, following in the footsteps of Harry and learning new facts about his world as they open an account at the goblin bank Gringotts, travel up and down Diagon Alley shopping for equipment for school and choosing a wand. Unlocking new content as they progress through the storyline, they can click on and collect items for their “trunk”, build and evolve their profiles, adding their own drawings, collecting books and chocolate frog cards, learning spells and brewing potions. A Pottermore account can also be connected to a Facebook account, with users able to make friends – and even take part in wizarding duels once they reach a certain point on the website.

We will keep you updated about all the chocolate frog cards we collect when we get in. Until then!

  First Glimpses Inside Pottermore