General Assembly, the Urban Campus, Now Giving Out Degrees


Anyone who has been to General Assembly has probably noticed its resemblance to college–oodles of young people (occasionally clustered around a white-haired investor), campus map, study lounges, media labs, happy hours and hook-ups. And oh yeah, classes. But the start-up hub is now offering a class track that will lead to a certification in front-end development. “General Assembly is offering an intensive, 60 hour program taught by top practitioners in the field that will give aspiring web developers the skills and best practices they need to succeed. In an intimate class of fifteen, students will be immersed in a social learning environment where they will learn by doing.” Tuition is $3,000.

GA’s first cohort will learn wireframing, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. “By the completion of the program, students will be able to transform a creative vision into a concrete final project. These projects will be formally assessed, and students who meet all the outlined requirements will earn General Assembly certification in Front-End Web Development.”

This is an interesting development for the co-working space, a start-up in itself–perhaps eventually General Assembly can get a third party to approve it as a degree-granting institution, similar to a for-profit school such as the University of Phoenix. Are Microsoft certifications next? Maybe instead of Stanford building an urban campus … people can just take classes at GA? General Assembly, the Urban Campus, Now Giving Out Degrees