Get Your Government-designed Hipster Clothing

This shirt was designed by city of New York, not Urban Outfitters

Did you think the hipster movement was a passing phase, a fringe faction unworthy of the press it so often receives? It seems that the City of New York feels differently.

As Racked NY notes, the City’s recently re-launched online store has made a definitive move toward hipsterism, offering a wide range of vaguely ironic, semi-artistic clothing. The website features mustached models wearing neon-emblazoned T-shirts with irrelevant geometric shapes. You can own your very own distressed, chemically faded NYPD and FDNY shirts for just $22.  There are even options for your shiz-tzu or infant.

Everybody’s third favorite city agency, the Department of Sanitation, also got in on the new styles: a baby bib features a sketched mound of trash bags with the words “Imagine NYC without the DSNY.” Cool!

But where will it end? Perhaps in the next few years our postal workers will be clad in flannel. Maybe the Central Park rangers will exchange their safari hats for fedoras. We worry that some day in the not so distant future meter maids will be wearing skinny jeans and graphic NYC tees.





Get Your Government-designed Hipster Clothing