Guadagno on the hurricane: stay inside, keep radio or TV on

CLIFTON – She didn’t feel the earthquake, and Acting Gov. Kim Guadagno is now hoping to also avoid the eye of the storm.

Hurricane Irene is trouncing up the East Coast, potentially landing in New Jersey on Saturday. The tracking is still uncertain; Guadagno said today she was briefed twice in the past 24 hours on the status of the Category-3 storm, currently in North Carolina.

“We’re looking at it and following it very, very carefully,” the acting governor said, sitting in while Gov. Chris Christie is on vacation.

For those at the shore, she said, “Get your outside activity done before Friday night.”

It’ll be at minimum a wet weekend, she said, advising residents to keep their radios or televisions on to monitor the storm.

She was at the Ancora Veterans Haven in Camden County when the earthquake struck on Tuesday, but the acting governor said neither she nor anyone else in the building felt the earth shake.

“There was, apparently, an earthquake,” she said. “I did not feel it…Nobody at Ancora felt it.”

Upon exiting, she touched base with Christie, his chief of staff, the Office of Homeland Security, and the state police to find that no one had been injured.  Guadagno on the hurricane: stay inside, keep radio or TV on