Highlands Council officials applaud rulings

TRENTON  – It’s a good day in the Highlands.

That is how officials at the Highlands Council felt today after several appellate court decisions came down in favor of the Highlands Act and against builders and the Fair Share Housing Center.

“These rulings uphold the work done to date by the council,” said Executive Director Eileen Swan. She said the rulings affirm the lengthy, public process that led to the adoption of the Highlands Act.

“It is good to have a definitive resolution on these issues,’’ she said.

And Highlands Commission counsel Tom Borden called today “a substantial victory for the master plan.” He said the work done to ensure the master plan conformed to the Highlands Act has been reinforced by the rulings.

Fair Share Housing had criticized the ruling and its effect on affordable housing, but Borden  pointed out that there are affordable housing obligations towns must meet in order to conform to the Act and master plan.

In addition, builders had opposed the program of property owners transferring development rights, but the court has upheld it, and Borden pointed out that it is a voluntary program.


Highlands Council officials applaud rulings