Hurricane Irene’s ‘Missed Connections’ Craigslist Yield: We’re Alive, And We’re In Love

Of all the various ways people could come together over Hurricane Irene’s mopey, rainy tour through New York City—or the fervent preparations in its lead-up—romance was of course inevitable. Following that logic, the ‘Missed Connections’ section of Craigslist would generate a few moments of Sliding Doors-esque romance as well. Naturally, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Wouldn’t a ‘We Met At The Evacuation Center’ story be great to tell your kids? ‘Just met at SoHo Evacuation Center‘ indeed:

I realize you’ll never see this but I don’t care because being a fucking romantic is my thing especially during hurricane evacuations. You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever seen. You told me I had beautiful eyes, strange place to flirt, but who gives a fucker. If we get out of this alive I will remember the tears we shared, clutching our chunks of Government cheese snacks they just gave us to nourish our bones. Don’t be scared, I’m with you, always.

Chelsea’s gay pickup scene never sleeps. This guy clearly missed the opportunity to get himself some Hurricane Lovin’:

Guy in yellow tank top, you told me I was cute during the hurricane supermarket sweep at Gristedes on 8th avenue.

I really wish I’d returned the favour.

Flatbush feared the worse, and hoped for the best:

We were shopping at the grocery store (I can’t remember it’s name) by the parkside ave Q station. You gave my hurricane preparedness advice, I gave you beer advice. We should grab a drink if we all survive this thing.

The totally Frat-Tastic scene on the Upper East Side went for the double-score. Note the typos:

We where two girls having a pre apocalyptic meal at the Ritz Diner on 62nd and 1st last evening around 4. You guys where sitting behind us and to the left. We where deep in conversation and didn’t get a chance to say hi. One of you had a Alpha Phi jersey type shirt on. We noticed you looking at us..

Weather-Related adultery? You betcha:

So, about this hurricane.

You missed…
1. the earthquake but came back just in time to sit on the train next to me —err the hurricane (minor difference).
2. your stop on the way to Trader Joe’s in Chelsea (who needs food? on second thought, we should share what you bought)
3. getting my name, number, place of birth, social security number, etc.

You didn’t miss…
1. the opportunity to ask if I’d be spending the weekend with my boyfriend (my answer: you were out of town, but now that you’re back, the jury’s out)
2. something that drove me to write this post
3. the chance to tell me you liked my shoes. twice. (thank you)

If you haven’t died waiting in line at TJ’s, you should get online to craigslist missed connections (oh hi) and read this and then email me so we can go out on a REALLY fun date.

Not sure what ‘REALLY’ implies there but someone should definitely find out. And finally, there’s just the Hurricane Missed Connection of the Patently Adorable And Sincere Stripe. Man Of Mystery, you already make this woman smile(y emoticons)! Go get her, and bond over other gross smells:

We met at C Town around 6pm last night before this hurricane hit us!! I was walking down the meat aisle and was disgusted with the smell – you agreed. We had some small talk and your smile was so cute. Well, you were really cute……. we exchanged many glances and I went back to look for you but my room mate pushed me out of the store!! I hope you had a great night — our plans were pretty much the same so hope you had some fun 🙂

Anyway…. if you read this – send me a message of what I was wearing….. hope to hear from you 🙂

Here’s hoping your memory is photographic. New York City: the only place where the overwrought fear of every Michael Bay-esque disaster imaginable is an unprecedented chance to get laid or find true love. Here’s hoping someone did. | @weareyoufek

  Hurricane Irene’s ‘Missed Connections’ Craigslist Yield: We’re Alive, And We’re In Love