Hype Williams Has a Much-Hyped Comeback


Hype Williams, the director of Belly, and of many, many hip-hop videos, is having a comeback. Instead of engaging with any discussion of how Belly was “critically received” we’ll just say that Nas’s character presaged The Wire‘s D’Angelo Barksdale (his name was “Sincere”!), DMX and Method Man are really good actors and no director has such a knack for manipulating glossy surfaces, not even Michael Mann.

But speaking of Michael Mann! The new movie, Lust, is set in part in Miami and in part in New York and, according to Variety, the plot involves sexual blackmail. It’s written by Joe Ezterhas, who also wrote Basic Instinct and Showgirls. So even if this movie totally sucks, it’s going to be very shiny and tropical and filled with sex and violence.

Kind of like the first couple minutes of Belly, with its acapella version of that Soul II Soul song.

Oh, and this scene, with the befeathered femme fatale in Jamaica.

Hype Williams Has a Much-Hyped Comeback