iWant an Apple Store, Says Marty

Nyah, nayh! (AppleInsider)

Love it or hate it, Brooklyn is what it is. That’s probably why it does not have an Apple Store yet.

Yesterday came the news that the city had found a developer to turn a chunk of the Brooklyn Municipal Building into a mini-mall. Albert Laboz, fixture of Fulton Street, got the job, but during the announcement, Marty Markowitz focused on a different retailer not yet there, according to The Post.

“I seriously just don’t get it,” Borough President Marty Markowitz said today, after officials announced that an upscale restaurant would anchor new retail coming to the Municipal Building in Downtown Brooklyn—instead of the Apple store he had been seeking.

He said the computer giant and its CEO “won’t reach the big-time until Apple finally opens a store” in Brooklyn.

The Beep, who has been fighting for an iStore for years, added that almost every major developer, including Bruce Ratner, has reached out, but Apple still snubs. This might be a slight if there were not five iStores in Manhattan, with a sixth Apple bound for Grand Central Terminal. You’ve already won the ultimate Manhattan shop, Shake Shack just next door. Really, what more could you want? Isn’t that the whole point of Brooklyn, at least these days, to be the un-Manhattan?

Sure, Marty’s from a different generation, but why not dump the inferiority complex for a bit of the Brooklyn haughtiness his younger neighbors have effected so well. Apple? Fuggedabboutit. We’ve got Mikey’s Hook-Up.

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