James Franco’s Art Show Closed Over Legal Issue

James Franco. (Patrick McMullan Company)

For the moment, Renaissance man James Franco’s art exhibition at the Lower East Side’s Asia Song Society gallery, “High/Low, Rob Lowe,” is shuttered. A gallery spokesperson told The Observer on Friday afternoon that a legal issue related to the exhibition was responsible for the closure.

Update Aug. 12, 7:31 a.m. Early this morning, the gallery released a statement saying that “unresolved licensing agreements between James and those responsible for some of the original media that was reinterpreted” in the show was the reason for the closure.

The statement continued, “Out of respect for those artists we have decided not to continue showing ‘High/Low, Rob Lowe’ until these possible issues are resolved. Despite this unfortunate reality, we hope that the bold questions raised in Franco’s work continue to be explored and discussed.”

The show had been scheduled to run through Aug. 28.

The Observer‘s Michael H. Miller reported from the opening of the exhibition earlier this week.

James Franco’s Art Show Closed Over Legal Issue