Jerry Colonna Gives the Low Down on Coaching CEOs

Photo by Jackie Snow

Betabeat has written before about Jerry Colonna, also known as the Yoda of Silicon Alley, who is a business and life coach for a lot of big name start-up and tech CEOs. Mr Colonna is travelling out to Berlin soon to teach one his famous Disappearing Into the Fire sessions, and gave an interview to Tech Berlin over Skype.

He explains that he became a coach after Flatiron Partners folded and he worked a brief, unhappy stint with JP Morgan. “What I wanted to do was to really help other people who are in the exact same place I was in. Kind of the existential question, how do I make sense of this life I have created, especially as it relates to work and the definition of myself.”

Business is booming now, says Colonna. As a journalist, investor and now coach, he says his interest has always been in two things. “To have the right brain speak to the left brain and vice versa, kind of being an interlocutor between two separate world. The other thing is the conversation, a really significant dialog, between two people.”

It was this attitude that meant, when a CEO was having a problem he couldn’t discuss with the rest of the board, Mr. Colonna was the one who was singled out as a confidant. As he says in the video, Fred Wilson is still a big supporter and recommends that many of the CEOs from Union Square Ventures portfolio companies seek out Jerry’s advice. Flatiron Partners may be a thing of the past, but the partnership between these two men continues to bear fruit for entrepreneurs.

SKYPE A FOUNDER #6: Jerry Colonna, Professional Coach from TechBerlin on Vimeo. Jerry Colonna Gives the Low Down on Coaching CEOs