Kane predicts Ames Straw Poll win for Pawlenty

Pawlenty New Jersey Coordinator Peter Kane isn’t ready to give up on former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a 2012 presidential candidate who so far trails former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN) in most polls. 

Kane said Pawlenty, in fact, will have a strong showing in Saturday’s Ames Iowa Straw Poll, and ultimately emerge as the GOP nominee for president.

“The race for this nomination is a marathon … not a sprint,” said Kane of Summit, the former 2008 Huckabee for President New Jersey campaign manager who endorsed Tim Pawlenty in May of this year. 

“Professor Harold Hill, the fictional ‘Music Man’ of Broadway fame, tried to sell the people of Iowa on slick talk and manufactured crisis.  But in the end, the wise voters of Iowa will turn to a strong, tested leader in Tim Pawlenty in the Ames Straw Poll this coming Saturday, Aug. 13. I predict that Gov. Pawlenty will finish with a decisive win in the top 3 of the straw poll and the rest of the country will see in him what I have seen … a dynamic alternative to President Obama.”

Kane said he fundraised with Pawlenty last month in New York.

“He and I agreed that like the story of the tortoise and the hare, the 2012 GOP nomination will go to someone who is willing to get out and meet each and every voter, and convince them, one person at a time, in the early states, to make an effective argument for change rather than the latest flavor of the month candidates who seem to expect to have the nomination handed to them on a silver platter,” Kane said. Kane predicts Ames Straw Poll win for Pawlenty