Late Morning Read: Carey's Legacy, Cuomo's Facebook

Governor Hugh Carey (from the NYS photo archives)

DCCC: “Bagel diplomocy.” [Alison Gendar / Daily News]

Michael Bloomberg: What’s next? [Sridhar Pappu / Fast Company]

Klein and Murdoch: The backstory. [David Carr / New York Times via nymag]

Cuomo 2.0: “The governor’s Facebook and Twitter pages are mostly used to announce upcoming speeches or point to news releases on various topics.” [Tom Precious / Buffalo News]

Remembering Carey: “The entire family lived in a Winnebago for the summer while Carey toured the state before the election. ” [Scott Waldman and Lauren Stanforth / Times Union]

Remembering Carey: Pataki and Paterson abandoned Carey’s lesson; Carey’s family backed Cuomo. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Scandal: Assemblyman McLaughlin’s victims have not been repaid. [Robert Gearty / Daily News]

Pedro Espada: Going to lose state funding. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

  Late Morning Read: Carey's Legacy, Cuomo's Facebook