LetsListen Aims to Be a Turntable Killer

There have been plenty of knock-offs and copycats since Turntable.fm brought social streaming music to the next level by turning it into a highly engaging game. But this is the first Turntable competitor we’ve heard of that’s out for blood. “Turntable Killer,” was the subject line of the email we received this morning from Cole Flournoy, the founder of LetsListen.com, which lets you store your music online in the cloud and also invite your Facebook friends to join you in a chatroom and suggest songs to add to the playlist.

The app is now open in beta:

LetsListen is a social cloud music locker that lets users chat with friends and listen to music in real-time. It’s like iCloud + Turntable.fm. Users can store and play their whole music library online, and with a simple button, they can notify and allow all their Facebook/Twitter friends to join the room where everyone hears the same music at the same time.

It’s extremely cool and addicting, request a Beta invite code at LetsListen.com and try it out first hand.

LetsListen Private Beta – First look demo video from Cole Flournoy on Vimeo.

LetsListen Aims to Be a Turntable Killer