Like We Said, Raise That Paper Now. Quirky Closes $16 M. B Round

I will pay you to help me invent something cool. Seriously

Quirky founder Ben Kaufman prefers not to give out quotes when raising new funds, focusing instead on the details of what Quirky has been up to.

But he sure does like to raise fresh capital. It raised $6 million A round last April led by RRE and, according to Venture Wire, just closed a $16 million B round led by Norwest Venture Partners with RRE participating again.

As Betabeat has written recently, start-ups are rushing to close their financing, fearful that a tanking stock market will scare off potential investors or, at the very least, drive the valuations they can negotiate way down.

Quirky is a collaborative platform for users to submit ideas and participate in the process of refining, designing and marketing that product. Based on their level of input, users receive a certain cut of any profits once the item goes on sale.

We have seen the metrics for group funding site Kickstarter explode in the last six months. Check back here soon for a growth report from Quirky to see if it backs up the big dollars they are banking. Whatever they are, expect them to grow once the TV show about Quirky starts airing on Sundance.


Like We Said, Raise That Paper Now. Quirky Closes $16 M. B Round