Manhattan's Contested Judicial Race: Cannataro vs Kraus

There’s an interesting below-the-radar race in Manhattan for Civil Court judge in Manhattan taking place.

Attorney Tony Cannataro has locked up the support of the Democratic establishment — Rep. Nadler, Council Speaker Quinn, Borough President Stringer and a bunch of clubs (Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, McManus Midtown Democratic Club, Barack Obama Democratic Club).

He’s going up against Sabrina Krauss, a housing judge who has Michael Oliva as her consultant. Oliva has a record of winning judicial races with female candidates. (Jerry Skurnik, another notable consultant, is also helping out.)

Financially, Cannatro has an advantage, with $78,176.52 compared to Kraus’ $68,998.29.

Beating a better-funded, better-supported judicial candidate “isn’t entirely impossible, just improbable,” wrote Frank Lombardi, who spotted this race back in June.

The biggest factor that may determine the race — that of the New York Times endorsement — is still up for grabs.

The candidates are going in for their endorsement interview on August 18, I’m told. As a rule of them, the impact of the Times endorsement is in direct proportion to how low-profile and indistinguishable the candidates remain. Manhattan's Contested Judicial Race: Cannataro vs Kraus