Manufacturing Harry, a Bookstore in a Car and Other Book News

A disbarred lawyer now runs a bookstore out of his car. [NY Post]

“Conjuring” the next Harry Potter. Good luck with that. [WSJ]

But here’s one method: a print-on-demand operation, PublishAmerica, told writers that for $49 it would deliver copies of their self-published books to J.K. Rowling: “Bring your book to the attention of Harry Potter’s author next week while our delegation is in her hometown, and ask her to read it and to tell us and you what she thinks. Tell her what you think: in the Ordering Instructions box write your own note for JK Rowling, max. 50-100 words. We will include your note in our presentation for her!” J.K. Rowling was not pleased. [PaidContent]

Another “Pandora for books,” called BookLamp. [GalleyCat]

American comic book publishers try to conquer the Asian market [BBC]

Russians love their e-readers [MediaBistro]

Slavoj Zizek on the London riots in the London Review of Books: “Opposition to the system can no longer articulate itself in the form of a realistic alternative, or even as a utopian project, but can only take the shape of a meaningless outburst. What is the point of our celebrated freedom of choice when the only choice is between playing by the rules and (self-)destructive violence?” Manufacturing Harry, a Bookstore in a Car and Other Book News