Mat Collishaw and Ron Arad Opening Canceled Due to Riots in London

A building fire in Tottenham. Via Associated Press

Mat Collishaw’s collaboration with Ron Arad tonight at London’s Roundhouse has been canceled “due to police intelligence,” according to an e-mail message from Mr. Collishaw’s gallery, Blain Southern. There is no word yet on a rescheduled opening date.

A gallery spokesperson told The Observer that the police warned them there would be more riots in the area tonight. There was only an automated message on the phone at Roundhouse: “For recorded information about today’s performance press three.” When The Observer did so, there was a beep and we were sent back to the main menu.

The riots began three nights ago in the north London district of Tottenham. It started as a peaceful protest against police in the district, where officers had shot and killed a 29-year-old father. The riots spread Sunday to central Oxford Circus and south to Brixton. By Tuesday morning, crowds moved in on Clapham and Notting Hill and the western district of Ealing. The Roundhouse is located in Chalk Farm in North London. Mr. Arad’s studio is located on Chalk Farm Road.

For their collaboration, Mr. Arad has built a structure—entitled “Curtain Call”—made of 5,600 silicon rods. It functions as a canvas to screen the work of several guest artists, including Mr. Collishaw’s new video work, “Sordid Earth,” which draws on an earlier work, “Infectious Flowers,” where the artist digitally grafted images of skin diseases onto photographs of flowers.

Mat Collishaw and Ron Arad Opening Canceled Due to Riots in London