Matt Taibbi Gets a Book Deal and Other Monday Book News


Matt “vampire squid” Taibbi has gotten another book deal, described on Publisher’s Marketplace as “a new work of narrative nonfiction on crime, finance, and the new class divide in America” sold to Chris Jackson at Spiegel & Grau, a Random House imprint.

The Guardian is now publishing short e-books, starting with the collected reporting about the News Corp. phone hacking scandal. [Guardian]

Salon investigates “the continuators” — writers who give a literary franchise a continued existence long after the author is died. “Lustbader explains that he’s killed off so many of Ludlum’s original characters over the years that ‘everybody in the Bourne universe… except for Bourne, is my creation.'” [Salon]

Moby Lives tells us all about “the ten people you would never want to duel.” [MobyLives]

Publisher’s Weekly looks into Amazon Publishing: “Another agent, expressing some concerns about quality control, spoke of rumors that the company is currently outsourcing its editorial work. When asked how heavily Amazon Publishing will be relying on freelance editors, Belle said, ‘Like many publishers, we do outsource some copyediting for our books. There are a lot of talented editors out there who have set up their own shops, and we’re happy to work with them where it makes sense. Over time, we will find the best balance of in-house and outsourced editing.'” [Publishers Weekly]

Matt Taibbi Gets a Book Deal and Other Monday Book News