Mayor Bloomberg Responds to El Bloombito [Video]

Usted use Tweetdeck? (YouTube)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a visit to Engine 166/Ladder 86 Fire Company on Staten Island today, to thank the firefighters there for their work and hold his second post-Irene press conference.

With clear skies and the city back to work, the mood was light enough for a daring reporter to ask the mayor about El Bloombito, the parodic Twitter account created this weekend by soap-making stay-at-home mom Rachel Figueroa-Levin. Good humored as always, the administration even posted the clip to its YouTube page, titled “El Alcalde Bloomberg habla sobre su esfuerzo por aprender español.”

The Observer‘s Spanish is rusty, too, but according to Gothamist, the mayor said, “I can tell you my Spanish skills come along little by little, but it’s difficult because I’m 69 years old, it’s difficult to learn a new language. Everyone thank you…thank you for your help.” At the end, we think is says, “Is that sufficient?”

And as if the mayor’s tech savvy was in doubt, The Observer could not help but notice the iPad he was closing up at the end there, as well.

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