Measley’s mea culpa

Charles Measley of Rumson, who shot the YouTube video of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) in Belmar last week, issued a formal apology today after accompanying the vid with a printed mistaken interpretation of the senator’s words.

“Towards the end of the video I misunderstood what the senator was saying,” Measley said in a statement, which he sent to “I thought the Senator at one point said ‘eliminate the rich.’ However, after others brought up concerns regarding the video, I examined the footage more carefully and have since determined that the Senator did not say ‘eliminate the rich.’ Rather, he muddled what sounds like a mix of the words “ways” and ‘waste.'”

“I would like to formally apologize for misunderstanding and misquoting the senator. Sen. Frank Lautenberg is not against the presently rich; he is against people becoming rich, lest they become part of his exclusive club. Those who are super-rich, like the senator, are worth millions of dollars. The Senator can afford to live off the $50 Million he has amassed over his 50-year political career and doesn’t need any new income streams. Raising income taxes on the super-rich like Senator Lautenberg would not affect people like the Senator because they have already accumulated their wealth.

“Rather, raising the income tax rate prevents individuals in the middle class from becoming rich like Senator Lautenberg. It does this by taking away their means to become rich and that is by taxing their income. Senator Lautenberg has been an unfailing member of the class warfare party (i.e. Democrats) for half a century and in that time he has become extremely wealthy on the backs of the middle class. Yet his policies and those of his party have resulted in nothing but the near-complete prevention of middle class Americans achieving the American Dream.

“I challenge Senator Lautenberg to write a check to the U.S. Treasury for $50 million dollars. His Senate salary, together with the Social Security he collects, should be plenty off of which to live. Millions of less fortunate Americans do it every single day. In closing, while Senator Lautenberg may not have actually said ‘eliminate the rich,’ by his policies he has prevented untold numbers of hard-working Americans from becoming rich like him. ‘Preventing’ and ‘eliminating’ in this sense, are one and the same.

This argument has become an all-too-familiar.”

Measley’s mea culpa