Media People Have Been Really Rude to “Hipster Hookers” Author Jessica Pilot

Jessica Pilot, author of the infamous Radar “Hipster Hookers” piece, published an “It Happened To Me” testimonial about the experience and the aftermath on today.

(Why was it so scandalous, again? Post-The Girlfriend Experience, prostitution is even The Huffington Post-friendly.)

The narrative is predictable mid-aughts fare (young woman, sexy magazine story, Gawker commenters, unwanted attention, sticky epithet) and while we hate that nowadays every controversial writing gig comes with an implied contract for a follow-up What I Learned piece elsewhere, this one is  fun because it reads like a blind item.

WHICH “top editor ” offered Ms. Pilot a full-time job at his  “successful newspaper” in “Midtown, Manhattan,” where she was a three-year freelancer, by saying, “Well, Ms. Pilot. I can’t offer you $950 an hour” (a reference to her hipster hooker rate appraisal)?  HINT: The newspaper office has folding chairs.

WHICH “30-something” “successful media executive” was sentenced to a year’s community service and fired from his job for harassing Ms. Pilot with phone calls, including one in which he threatened, “I’m watching you…I’m going to fuck you… then I’m going to kill you and then [pause], well, I’m going to fuck your dead body”? HINT: He is unemployed and sweeping the streets on the weekends.

Your guess is as good as ours! Media People Have Been Really Rude to “Hipster Hookers” Author Jessica Pilot